Equip your child(ren) with digital/creative skills this Summer Holiday. The TobiDigital Summer Holiday Bootcamp will cover

Computer Mastery

Computer Operation | Common Software Usage | and more


Design | Programming | CMS


Corel Draw | Photoshop | Canva



Our world is changing fast, as digital/creative skill is becoming something of a necessity and added advantage for those who are well equipped

Whereas should there be a time to enrol your child(ren) with digital skills, then that time is now, because that's where our world is heading to, because their minds are still flexible and can as well assimilate fast. More so they are free, no much school activities taking their time and attention...nor is there any other thing bordering them generally

Just why your child(ren) should enrol in digital/creative skills:

  • Digital skills increase the confidence of your child(ren) 'cause the world is currently in that pursuit
  • Digital skills increase anybody's value in the labour market
  • Digital skills provide alternative income' source, by far a major one
  • These days, it's more like a plus to creativity and IQ
  • By far, there's no known disadvantage nor logical reason why you shouldn't enrol a child


This Summer holiday, let TobiDigital take your child(ren) on a journey of tech and creativity. Within the space of four weeks, your issues will be exposed to digital skills in Computer Mastery which covers the basic hardware and software usage, Website Design covering web and programming language and CMS tools usage, and creative skill Graphics design. So much value packed in this digital boot camp which ultimately will leave your child(ren) better off, and fit into the emerging world of tech, creativity and innovation.

What more? Courses will be run under the space of your home or any other choice location

1 Child = N50,000

2 Children = N80,000

3 Children = N100,000

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