Stay away slay Mamas and Papas or niggas. This post is only meant for those who wants to build meaningful but decent image online leveraging on internet, using particularly social media.

Somehow this days, controversy cost nothing but negative energy for those who are looking for cheap popularity, but you an introvert, wouldn't wanna be in that kinda spotlight.


 is knowing yourself really, and this can be quite interesting.

That you're this jovial, active and talk-active personality in social reality, doesn't really guarantee you would be naturally engaging on the pages of social media. In fact, sometimes, reverse could somewhat be the case as you find yourself somehow struggling.

Enter the image of social media introvert, in direct measure to life / activity on social media, not on social roles one might be taking in real life.

SO how do you know you (as a person) are a social media introvert

  • You lack appetite for posting on social
  • Or you lack the desire to flaunt yourself or activities
  • You can't contain nor fathom the potential fame that could come with social media
  • You somehow feel all eyes would be on / i s on you
  • You put your chat mode at "off" / "not available"
  • You're lacking confidence to say something
  • Your voice isn't quite getting engagement ( or when compared to real life). Forget about those likes you got from your family and some close friends. After all  monkey no fine, his mummy like him.
  • You lack the desire to do follow up. As in, you always find it difficult to respond to people's comment on your thread
  • You're not just getting it, feeling it..
    And maybe more your instinct can determine.

Now, having known yourself as a social media introvert, the next line of action is to find solutions or what works

What works

Build your voice on a brand, face or character

Yes you can do this, and still be able to live with yourself, and make impact or dough.
If especially you fall in the category of those shying away from building a personal brand, or your posts and audience aren't just suited to what you'd best offered. You can open a social page for your cause, business, character, passion, or otherwise personality, in which or whose voice you communicate, engage and measure.

What if you're this creative.
It could be written content on a blog / site, Instagram or a Facebook page which you named something, or could well be graphical content -say other form of creative work which you're really good at, or could get training on. It could also be other forms of offering or solutions bearing on your passion, which would turn  you out relevant and loud.

Haven't you imagined some certain social media pages, whose management are yet unknown. But well, these familiar pages keeps getting our minds, thanks to their serial admirable content.

You too can, albeit you might need some creativity, innovation and values channeled into your muscles

Though I wouldn't know how you'll be able to contain yourself by the time you blow out eventually, until further notice

  • Sell or get a job 

It could be that you have a business, real product or services which you can market online, for those of you who are only out for the money.

Good news; You necessarily don't have to build influence for earnings sometimes, you know. As a matter of fact, a number of us with little activity on social, are making some dough via the same channel, having mastered the technicality of the platform to manage brand and company's pages / profile.

There are a big number of noiseless social media strategist / managers and analyst out there whose social media wall is either blank or boring. So now you know your hopes and or choices, but you know you ought to know some technical things.


  • Go for influence

Here's the hardest choice of all, which can also be very positive.
You could try studying what works for you or can work to claim the very influence you crave, by trying, trying by error and trying hard, studying stuffs on social media for influence and or profit, attending forums or master class for influence and leads (as being organized by experts both online and offline).

But then, getting result also takes persistence, consistency and value disbursement, if not more.

Lastly, you can learn to be controversial albeit not recommendable, albeit much relief to the slay people

All the same, it's 21st century, and somehow your career, gains or fame is in line here.

Nice to meet you!

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