Look ahead now!

Criteria for a really standard website is getting to become a drawn-out list. And so, webmasters / owners might necessarily up their game to remain in business next year 2018.

Agreed we've moved on from the free era of dot Blogspot and WordPress, but there happen to be more to the much sought-after top-level-domain by the day.

As always, advancement is an ever perpetual flow with this industry, and we just have to brace up and flow along.

Deal with it. 2018 will bring its own spec to our digital space and new media industry. Perhaps you know better, but here's what I've figured as garmane to a true professional website in the next year(s).

Improved design

Branding is going online than ever, so now you might have to channel some more creativity into your site display. Day by day, people are becoming driven by their carnal eyes, so now is not the time you go psycho on business. Yes you might feel your website is there to serve a purpose, but that might not just be up to the trend, as UI designers are now becoming the hottest in labour market as 2017 rounds off

Now what. Today's site users are getting to make impression out of design and site organization. Albeit needless, in fact sometimes subconsciously, visitors now uses designs as measure or say deciding factor, in rating your much effort-ful site.  

From site header, navigation, layout and organization, they (users) assess every professional input and other creative efforts being put in. Just why you must care your site have touches of professionalism, right concept, branding, and feel, which should very well meet up.

Robust hosting platform

And you're gonna need that very fat cloud to host your dream site; size, speed or so. Well, to say africawebhost.com is working on such hosting platform which offers no limit to the reach of your site data / bandwidth, and of course at a very ridiculously affordable rate.

Of course there are other hosting platform you could consider for your site hosting, but know you don't take hosting by light-hand anymore, but priority

High functionality

It doesn't matter the type of setup / system in use, content management system; WordPress, blogger, joomla or so, HTML/ CSS or php, we all expect every links on your website to be up and running. Your site navigation must lead to somewhere relevant.

We need you to avoid incomplete, under construction and half cooked pages. Either improve or just scrap them. We don't want to come to your site and see all scattered pages / content or jargon layout, nor do we like to click on links or pull a request which leads to no where. Heck! No way

Https / SSL certificate

Now, this is one new trend which has come to site, albeit at a cost. I even learn some SSL comes for free, ideally a single cert is yet affordable around 20 Dollars or 5,000 Naira only.

SSL certificate is now becoming something quite germane for your site reputation, as many web browsers have started marking lacking sites as either spammy or insecure. Whereas search engines too have joined.

As a matter of fact, some internet users, if not many, wouldn't drop their information, forget about credit card details already, in a site lacking https or padlock at the browser bar / tab. Even more so, Google has hinted it (ssl) would be the new criteria that determine it's next line of ranking / algorithm. Just so now you know perhaps, https could be an added / contributing advantage for your site ranking before you lost out completely.

Brace up yourself now, https is coming to stay and in matter of months or few years, something a serious / or say professional sites owners and webmasters would be making annual budget / provision for.

Call to action (CTA)

Think about what you offer (or can offer differently), say initiative which could be integrated online.
You could be an idealist, business person, thought leader or their webmaster, which can offer assorted sales and/ or services, online tutorial, health diagnostic tool among other solutions relevant to your area of interest and/ or industry.

Consider what would be worth the while of people who are coming to your site. Say you're a school proprietor; consider why people should visit your school site, when all is there to see, are some overload note of the school / company profile. This why you should consider offering your students (their parent / guidance) a CTA for certain call, such as online registration, result checking among other.
You know majority of parents are working class who are too busy to attend your PTA meeting now and then. Therefore, having a section of your school website committed to the cause of virtual meeting for parent / guidance, teachers and admin, could go a long way. PTA could be called over text, voice, video chat conference, where you discuss issues relating to your issues.

And that's just for instance. Every industry has pertinent solutions we can call-to-action while we are on site

Or you're a site developer, why not thinker with your clients about what could be brought to the net, which would be more engaging, interactive and smart (pertinent to their industry).
And sometimes this might be something less complex: That is, it might not necessarily require a tedious programming input. But then, if it would, so be it.

In essence, unique CTA(s) would certainly make any website more worthwhile in the next year(s). Lesser than that, your website might be no better than a parked domain.

Well that's it!

Meanwhile those old necessities yet remain valid

  • Top-level-domain
  • Neat organization / layout
  • Rich content
  • White hat search engine listing / indexing (SEO)
  • Contact form
  • Name it

here's what you can do next

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