How to use the WhatsApp Blaster

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If you are here, the chances are you just got the WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender or still considering buying one. In case you are looking to buy, please click on this link to buy now. 

If you already got one, congratulations, as you are one step to getting more on your WhatsApp Marketing game.

Whereas, the purchase email sent to you contains a unique link that expires after 7 days. You are to download the WhatsApp Bulk Sender.exe file from the link to your computer.

In case you've done that, kindly install the .exe file into your computer. Thereafter, you can launch the software/application program upon successful installation.

PC system requirements

It's just the simple installation process for any software installation, but for people like my friend, Fastos, I decided to make it overly detailed. 


After installation, you may be able to locate the program (icon) on your desktop. Launch the WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender from there.

whatsapp bulk sender program


Now to the interesting part, the system will ask you to input the name and license key, copy the serial code/number from the email we sent to you and input to activate. 

After successful activation, you may then connect your WhatsApp and explore the app.

To connect, click on "Open WhatsApp" and go over to your phone WhatsApp.

open whatsapp thrugh whatsapp bulk sender


three dots menu whatsapp


link device whatsapp


how to link device whatsapp

SCAN CODE on whatsapp


So this should connect your software to be able to do specialised functions through the desktop app. Also, here's a video that detailed the app/how it works.

If you have any questions regarding this software/application or its operations, do not hesitate to contact us via email



With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is now officially the most used messenger/chat platform you can get to see around. But far from just numbers, WhatsApp users are like the most active internet application users. With these facts, opportunities lie for business owners and ambitious individual looking to maximise their reach and results from the popular messaging/messenger app but not without some forms of restrictions.

While WhatsApp currently restricts broadcast message to only 256 contacts (per group), Bulk Messaging Tool allows you to send unlimited messages to unlimited users. Not only that, you can also send an attachment (such as photo, video, doc) with a text message to as many WhatsApp users/contacts at a go.


Is WhatsApp bulk messaging better than bulk email/marketing?

Well, WhatsApp is fast becoming the major marketing channel over email. Attitudes are changing, as the majority’s responsiveness to email is becoming colder and slower, but there are other issues with email getting bounced, going spam folder, and more. WhatsApp makes your campaign delivery and engagement seamless.

How about Delivery Rate?
No means of communication guarantees a 100% percent delivery rate; email gets bounced, SMS gets stuck as a result of the "do-not-disturb" rule imposed on mobile network providers. Certainly, WhatsApp gives the very assurance for complete and total delivery of your messages over any other means of messaging.


Just in case

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