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In one way or the other, there's stiff competition to grow a business on the internet. Forget the title "digital marketer", we all come here to sell either directly or indirectly. Even the ones you taking as lackluster- say the slay mamas and papas also have a target; in most cases, to seduce or attract, ultimately become an influencer (in the slaying field), or hook up and get paid.

Now we just have to face it, and this is why you need to do more to raise your brand image to gain an edge.
Before now, business strength is measured based on physical office presence (the nice-looking office, staff strength, and more). But now, the internet is fast creating a level-ground for all to play and wage muscles
Your online presence is vital; the content you put out in the text, graphics, audios/videos, across social media, website/blog; but your web design to start with, your search engine presence and more. I really can't overemphasise how I've helped businesses alike, project their image leveraging these factors.

So there's every reason to do more on your online presence, but I understand some parts can be overwhelming. You just gotta take it that digital has just come to stay for businesses. Take it that your business survival depends on it. Take it that to beat your competitors or be one level above, you need to put a professional effort in the digital side of marketing.

I understand you may need a hand. Feel free to reach out to me, in case you are looking for a means to go about implementing a proper digital business' structure that would help your business to grow online (in presence, marketing, earnings).

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