So, I was discussing with a friend about online marketing the other day. He became quite impressed and highly revered me, from my choice of language, the confidence I brimmed as I explained among others, with my shoulder pad on–you know-. But then, this is a guy who had gotten jobs aftermath posts he made on social media (about one of the services which he renders). After all the hailing, I was only left wondering who is a digital marketer really.

If you ask me; everyone on the internet is a digital marketer. It’s just funny not everybody do regard themselves as one, nor are taking maximum opportunity that lies within. But then, that’s nobody’s fault, ‘cause sometimes our mission varies, moreover our strategy, and grace (I’d mention –grace- that as a spiritual person)


So you keep wondering, “I don’t sell on the internet, “as a matter of fact, I have nothing to sell”. “Oh I'm just a common internet user” or so you think. But then you all go online, say social media, posting photos of you slaying, nice places you’ve visited, owambe event you had attended and even much more. Maybe now we just face it; all these photos you are sharing, perhaps to me, are a form of marketing, either to woo potential boyfriend / girlfriend, or to entice some (more) friends (/telling them how much your head dey there) how classy you think you are.

Eerrrmm! The thing here is; whether you're posting (on social media) for likes, or for values, creating a voice for influence or impact, just know you're here on the internet, marketing something -someway somehow- in one way or the other.

Just think about it; the internet is like a world, the world is a marketplace. You are here on the internet, and yes, you do have a life here. Yes, we all do.

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Tobi Boye Tosin

is a tech lover, a passionate internet technologist, believer and a visioner