Leveraging influencer marketing

Tobi Boye Tosin

what iconWhen you ordered a pack of Wellman (food supplement drug), you get to see a set of testimonials from a number of sports figures. And that, I must say, kinda have a certain supplementary effect on some of us buying Wellman, albeit we can't say for others.

Today, you must have been seeing a number of brands employ as part of their PR, random celebrities, such that sometimes you even wonder what these figures have got to do with the brand's messages or offers. Did you not see First Bank recently hosted Burna Boy to a stage at Eko Hotel?

Now what? Today's market is more becoming competitive, as it's beyond the quality of brand products, services, or cause, but giving it what it takes to be visible and relevant; a face which prospects can relate with.

Influencer marketing is now becoming the twist among trends businesses now adopt to reach out the more, gain potential customers, get our attention, win the public appeal, or attain relevance.



Who is an influencer marketer?

who icon

IM is individuals who adopt marketing strategies and/or tools, taking endorsement ideas and placing it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign.

In practice, influencer marketers can be slow and steady in their approach, as they engage and add-up loyal/organic followers.

Now, influencers may not be so-called celebrities per-se, but recognized by their large number of followers. More so, influencers can be found in any industry, but content-wise, useful to a set of the audience, while some to the general public.

Albeit sometimes collaborative, they can be very protective. Sometimes, they are not as easy to work with, because they are people with reputation, hence protective of their audience and the people who trust them, having spent time and sweat to build their image and cultivate a large audience.

Ideally, influencer marketing objective isn't all about advertising or introducing brands to an audience, but to demonstrate authority, credibility, accountability, and thought leadership characteristics.



How much do I budget for influencer marketinghow icon

This could be thought-cracking, as you may be tempted to ask why should I commit "such a huge amount" money to someone for doing close to nothing.

In reality, influencer marketing can seem costly, owing to the class of figures you're signing for endorsement, even seemingly costlier than the real figure on the table, to think their impact doesn't directly look like adding up to you or your business/brand.


How do I achieve an effective influencer marketing?

Although there's always room for improvement; to do something outside the box, do it your own way, differently or more, the following appear somewhat good on our paper.


Find and engage a figure in your industry who your audience can easily relate with

By this, a brand tends to easily gain prospects' trust; having familiar figures whose cause relates to the brand, product, or services.

Back to Wellman, it's fairly easy to win the trust of the men folks, when we (men) could learn the product is working for sportsmen whose profession is one of the most physically demanding. By that, an average man may suppose whatever can work to keep a sportsman fitness, should be able to (easily) work for me.

To be specific though, it's not all about going for the best influencer nor the most popular (relative to your industry) -fine, if your budget is that big-, but a rising star with reasonable content and committed follower-base could also prove massive for you.


Capitalise on key partnership

Partnership here isn't about the business you do with some brands, but taking advantage of the names involved.

Notable instance is what they are doing at Brick Musttern Mattoni. Being the sole distributor of Spur (line cutter) and COMNAV, the brand ensures they project an image which by and large can see and feel, by capturing some moments with these partners (European manufacturing brands which they are Africa's sole distributor to). This includes occasional photoshoot sessions with partners' key players, staff, and products.

Somehow, this kinda imprints the brand than what their company brochure, fliers among other branding collaterals we've been seeing.


Encourage or support a teammate/staff to becoming an influencer

Though a hard choice (for some brands), this could be the biggest you can do for originality's sake: That is, to influence a member of your team or staff to have a voice (sometimes not just chanting about your brand offers, but a content guru who is known for a common cause).

One notable personality is Peter Kajovo. Being his friend on Facebook, I can say how much I enjoyed his freedom to self-expression, despite his link (job contract) with MTN. I must say Peter's factor must have somewhat adorned the image of MTN to some of us.


Consult to get the best of influencer marketing, leverage virtual assistant

You don't have to do it all. You may have to press some buttons to get the best of influencer marketing by contacting an expert in modern marketing.

But then, your virtual assistant such as content developer or digital media handler could also rob on people's perception of your brand.

For instance, people may like to hear that a person like myself, a former rising star with Google (Blogger Help Forum) and a fast-rising content marketer whose resources have been of great value to thousands of businesses across the Internet, is the one handling the digital media part of your business. Haha, that's just by the way.



Now what? This dispensation could be the best time you initiate the part of influencer marketing for your business/brand, intimate an influencer, and involve this marketing part for your business promotions.

The reward might not come all of a sudden, but ultimately, it would be worth it for you/your business.


Cheers to your business success!

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