How to get Google Home Mini in Nigeria and where to get

They say it's hard not to love Google Home Mini, but the question remained where can one get in Nigeria.

At just 29,999 naira, the Google Home Assistant would be a fair bargain to those junkie portable speaker device, occupying our spaces with nothing much to offer other than noise


Some devices are recipe's motivated?

Like a doughnut, the home mini looks a yummy to your home and/or office menu.
GHM supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and runs on the Android operating system. That's like installing an application on your android device and there you go.

This portable device can pull up loads of information, control your music and videos and manage a wide variety of smarthome devices. engadgets says "its tiny speaker sounds better than expected, though you probably won't want to play music on it."

Heck! You will still manage to.

Among its capabilities, the Home Mini can provide reports on weather, traffic, news, sports and more. Like the original Google App, the Mini can keep track of schedules and calls, provide reminders, and act as a virtual assistant. In addition, it can serve as the control center for compatible home automation devices such as TV among others.

Google Home Mini is now available in Nigeria albeit rare. You can get in Lagos from 29,999 naira, but delivery fee may apply to orders going to Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other parts of the country. 

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