Selling on Jumia or Konga: which one is the best


If you're here, you may be an existing vendor of either Jumia or Konga or both, or you're just an enthusiast looking to know what you stand to gain or lose doing business on these platforms.

With the rise in online marketplace business in Nigeria, Jumia and Konga may offer prospective seller a competitive platform and possibly worthwhile returns of expectations. But then, not without bits of challenges in their terms of service and doing business.

Now, here's the drift. We put both platforms head to head for you as a seller to know more, or be able to compare and contrast.


Free! Does not require a registration fee

Charges hosting fee at interval basis

Thorough quality check/control. You would be required to present your order for inspection before fulfilment. Your item may either be accepted after passing a quality check or rejected if failed.

Packaging guidelines is rigorous, plus you spend more (on packaging your orders). Depending on the type and size of order involved, there's a variation for packaging materials and process.

Much slower, not easy to track.
Jumia usually delivers between 3 to 7 working days after order fulfilment. On tracking, you have to log in to seller center>Orders>Shipped and click on a particular order to track.

Competitive commission but other fees apply. Jumia charges between 5 and 15% commission depending on the product category. But then, they charge shipping fee between 600-900 to the seller for each delivered order. Penalty fee is also humongous -for cancelled orders and returns (being for orders delivered to customers but requested return)

Gross. Jumia penalty ranges from cancelled orders to late shipment. They may limit the potential/ seller order volume due to cancellation and late shipment, after having charged a fee. They also penalise for orders which customer requested for return. More so, Jumia claims it penalises seller to the tune of $200 for order deemed as counterfeit.

Moderate. Jumia only alerts you of new order via email. But they may often patronise sellers with promotional emails.

Seller may only be able to pick up a return at the hub from which they dropped off /fulfil the order. Return orders may be allowed to stay at the shipment hub for a period of 7 days. If not retrieved by the seller after 7 days, they are transferred to the Agege warehouse, to be due for forfeiture after 21 days.

Promotions/Sponsored ad

From 8500 Naira, a seller can subscribe to sponsored ad for visibility but can join promo for free. Promo comes at interval basis/seasonal and usually prove massive sales for most sellers.


Jumia also partners with financial institution/lending companies. A seller may qualify to apply for a loan based on sales record/proceeds.

Sound and knowledgeable. Agents appear to be well trained/or knowledgeable to attend to issues or concerns.


Premium! Requires registration fee for stores enlisting over 20/40 products.

Charges subscription fee every month (gold 2,500 Naira, gold plus - 9,000...)

Basic quality check. You only walk into Konga store/drop-off centers with your package for shipping. Quality check is almost nil or not so rigorous. You can also choose to ship your orders independently if you can't drop them off at a designated KOS deliveries location.

Easy packaging. Plus, you spend less (on packaging) in both time and efforts. You only use packaging flyer/ designated courier bag to ship items that are not in a carton. If your order/product is in big-enough carton, you ship directly by pasting invoice (generated from seller shq dashboard) on the carton.

Much faster and easy to track.
Konga oftentimes does next day delivery for orders within Lagos, but 3-5 days delivery duration for orders going other parts of the country.

Competitive commission but low fees. Konga charges between 2 and 15% commission depending on product category. Konga does not charge shipping fee to the seller, unless a seller put their store on free shipping mode (a feature which seller may opt to on seller shq). Also, penalty fee only applies to cancelled orders (which the system cancelled after having elapsed 48hrs)

Reasonable. Konga only penalises sellers for orders which were cancelled by the system after having elapsed the given 48 hours for shipment. Asides that, Konga may suspend a seller with multiple cancelled orders or other irregularities.

Optimum. Konga alerts you of new order via SMS and email. They also email you upon shipment and delivery. Even return. They hardly communicate promotional content

Much flexible. Sellers can select their preferred pickup hub for return orders, irrespective of where you ship. Returned orders are allowed to stay for a period of 3 days (in paper/but in reality, return orders stay at the location for over 3 days) before going to Ogba center, to be due for forfeiture after 21 days.

Sponsored ad

Somewhat ridiculous. A seller would have to spend up to the tune of 37,500 to access sponsored ad for a full month. But there are also other packages for 10, 15 days, just there'a also a limit to the medium you can reach.

Not so trendy and sometimes appear clueless to handle issues at a go.

Basically, these are some of the questions or concerns regarding selling on the Jumia or Konga platform.

While either has an edge over each other in some areas, there's a winner among the two, depends on your assessment of both platforms.

Which of the two would you rather want to do business with? It's up to you!




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