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Here's how you generate a URL/link to personal telegram message

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    Alternatively, you may follow the following instruction

    • Open you Telegram App (or download via this link)
    • tap on telegram profile
    • Select on the profile you want to generate the link for -in case you registered/or have more than one profile
    • tap on telegram settings
    • Go to setting -by tapping on the phone screen
    • tap on telegram username
    • Then go to/tap on Username and there it is -down the screen -colour blue
    • tap on the url in blue colour


    Why Telegram direct link to messenger?

    Weblink is important to your business nowadays. At least, if you are yet to set up a website for your business, you must have been building on third-party platforms such as social media, marketplace, business listing websites among others.

    You are here, 'cause you want to expand your reach. It's high time, businesses are integrating and adopting a more seamless means to connect with customers and you don't want to be left behind.

    From your buzzes on social media and other third-party web platforms you are on, you sure want an easy way for your prospects to connect (with you/your business). Messaging platforms, but popular ones such as WhatsApp and Telegram are leading the funnel.

    Create your WhatsApp link here

    For instance, TobiDigital Store is making use of WhatsApp as one potent sale funnel, by creating a direct link/URL to both WhatsApp and Telegram, from where users can navigate to have a chat and place an order via the popular chat platform.

    Now, in case you are still looking at how to create a URL/link to your personal Telegram, you can use the above form to generate one.

    Alternatively, you may follow the instruction below


    You are welcome!


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